Your Visit

Before you come in

We want you to get the most from your time with Dr. Caton, Dr. Blieden or Dr. Romano during your consultation. And, we also respect your time and your schedule. So, at your leisure, please feel free to prepare for your visit in the following ways:

From your Doctor (if applicable)

Please bring X-rays and any other information in preparation for your visit.

From your Insurer (if applicable)

Please also review your insurance and payment options and bring any dental insurance card. Please visit the “Insurance/Payment” page for more information.

Our Forms

These are available in the right sidebar -- Patient Forms.

Please download these and:

  • Fill out the Medical History Questionnaire
  • Read the Notice of Privacy Practices in either the regular or large print version
  • Review (and sign, if appropriate) the form which indicates you’ve read and agree with the Centers’ “Notice of Privacy Protection”

We ask that you make promptness a priority.

Your First Visit

You will be seen by your doctor. Your consultation will include a thorough oral examination and initial diagnosis. One of our doctors will evaluate your gum and bone tissue as well as the other tissues in your mouth. He will also examine the way your teeth fit together. A complete diagnosis is made based upon this exam and may also require the use of models, X-rays and diagnostics.

Your consultation will also include a discussion of your treatment options. You’ll be informed about:

  • The specific problems that are affecting your oral health
  • The benefits of all the treatment options available to you
  • Estimates for length and cost of treatment

If you have a Schedule Conflict

Once you make an appointment at our office, that time is exclusively reserved for you. If, for some reason, you can no longer make your appointment, call us as soon as possible to reschedule.

If you have a Dental Emergency

We will do our best to see you on the same day.