Regenerative Therapy

I have bone & tissue loss due to gum disease. What treatments do you offer?

Our doctors are specialists in the area of bone and tissue regeneration. They use a variety of state-of-the-art materials and techniques to encourage the regrowth of bone and gum tissue to help patients keep their natural teeth and especially to set the stage for dental implant therapy.

These techniques include:

Bone grafting

With these procedures, our doctors can replace missing bone with your own natural bone material or with one of the many bone substitutes available. Guided tissue regeneration is another procedure that encourages new bone growth through the use of special membranes the doctors place within the affected area. There are several varieties available, including resorbable membranes that disappear as new bone grows around them.

Guided bone regeneration

This surgical procedure is used to create adequate space for bone to regrow after a tooth has been extracted. It involves placing a “barrier membrane” over existing bone to stimulate regeneration while preventing the faster growing soft tissues of your gums from entering the area.

This is an excellent way for our doctors and your dentist to have more control over the shape and contour of your gumline and the overall appearance of your smile.