Cosmetic Gum Care

Here are some of the common questions that we hear about cosmetic periodontics.

I’m not happy with my “gummy” smile. How can periodontics help?

Our doctors help people every day who have this concern. Using a technique called “crown lengthening,” they can sculpt your gumline and lengthen the appearance of your teeth, reducing the amount of gun tissue that shows when you smile. Crown lengthening is also used to bring balance to your smile, especially if your front teeth are uneven.

I’m going to have some cosmetic dental work done. Why might I need an aesthetic gum procedure first?

If you’re preparing for porcelain veneers, a new crown or any other kind of cosmetic or restorative procedure and some advanced gum- and tissue-grafting procedures, they can create adequate room for your dentist to place your new restoration. These procedures can also be used to even out the gumline, allowing for the attractive, natural-looking results you want.

My teeth have begun to look “too long.” What treatment options do I have?

Gum grafting is the preferred method for this concern. Most often, the cause of teeth that appear too long is receding gum tissue. By repositioning the soft tissue of your gums, our doctors can cover the exposed roots of these teeth. These kinds of procedures don’t just improve the appearance of your smile... they help protect the treated teeth from further root damage.

We may be able to offer solutions to many of your smile problems, so be sure to talk with us about all your concerns!