Our Services

Periodontics is a specialty area of dentistry. Periodontists treat issues of the soft and hard tissues (gums and bone) which support the teeth in the jaw. These tissues lend themselves to specialized techniques and procedures which are distinctly different than those for routine dental care.

How Patients Come to Periodontal Centers

Typically, patients come to us through referral from their dentist due to a specialized medical or aesthetic issue. Periodontal Centers of Rochester stays in close communication with your dentist so that truly individual treatment and a comprehensive health plan is developed.
Treatment addresses a specific, identified issue with a very specific plan. Once completed, recommendations for ongoing dental hygene may be made in referral to your dentist.

We also welcome patients who come to us directly. We will work with your dentist or other medical professionals under your care, as you desire.

Service Specifics

Periodontal Centers of Rochester offers a comprehensive range of periodontic services with state of the art knowledge, technique and technology. Listed below are some of the most common treatments offered, with links to greater detail.

Feel free to call us if you do not find a needed service listed.